votePro-lifers are often given the bad rap of being single issue, single minded voters.  I say nothing could be farther from the truth.  Voters who respect the sanctity of life have many issues they’re equally as passionate about.

So, how do I choose the best candidate?

Since life is the paramount concern for me, if a candidate is wrong about that I immediately remove them from consideration. Why?  If we don’t have the right to life, nothing else matters, such as taxes, highways or jobs.

On the other hand, when I know that more than one candidate in a specific race has the GRTL PAC endorsement, I can then consider other issues that are also important to me, my family, and my community.

In short, being pro-life is not the only reason I vote for someone.  However, I will immediately disqualify a candidate if they are on the wrong side of life issues, no matter where they stand on anything else.

On July 31, the day of Georgia’s Primary elections, you will have the opportunity to choose between many great candidates.  Several races will have more than one candidate that is GRTL PAC endorsed.  That is when you will need to research their stance on other issues in order to pick the one who best meets your personal criteria.

However, in races where there is only one GRTL PAC endorsed candidate it is vitally important to remember that protecting life trumps all other issues.  That candidate should get your vote even if you don’t agree with everything he/she stands for.

I know that the grassroots pro-lifers in Georgia will turn out to vote on July 31st.  When you do, please remember to vote as though life depends on it — because somebody’s does.

Melanie Crozier
GRTL PAC Director