The Safe Harbor Law (SB 8) and Amendment (SR 7) are two pieces of legislation that are designed to create a fund in Georgia that is dedicated to serving the needs of victims of human sex trafficking. SB 8 and SR 7, introduced in the 2015 Legislative Session by Senator Renee Unterman, give new legal tools to prosecutors to protect underaged victims of sex trafficking and more aggressively pursue charges against pimps and those who solicit minors for sex.

Georgia Right to Life recognizes the connection between the sex trafficking industry and the abortion industry. It has been noted time and time again that abortion providers like Planned Parenthood will knowingly perform abortions on minors who are trafficked and send them back to their abusers without reporting it to the police. Additionally, the injustice of human trafficking is evil for the same reason abortion is evil – it denies the personhood of its victims.

Georgia Right to Life supports the Safe Harbor legislation, which were successfully passed in 2015. SR 7 is a constitutional amendment which will need to be ratified by Georgia voters during the 2016 November General Elections.

To read SB 8 in its entirety, click here.

To read SR 7 in its entirety, click here.