The following candidates have been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life PAC for the November 4 General Elections as of 10/24/14. Be sure to check back regularly as we continue to announce additional endorsements.

Our criteria for consideration of candidate endorsement can be found here.



Race State Party Incumbent Name
Governor GA R X Nathan Deal
Race State Party Incumbent Name
Lt. Governor GA R X Casey Cagle
Race State Party Incumbent Name
Attorney Gen GA R X Sam Olens
Race State Party Incumbent Name
Ins. Comm GA R X Ralph Hudgens
Race State Party Incumbent Name
State School Superintendent GA R Richard Woods
Race District Party Incumbent Name
US House 1 R Buddy Carter
US House 10 R Jody Hice
US House 11 R Barry Loudermilk
US House 12 R Rick Allen
Race District Party Incumbent Name
DeKalb Co. Commissioner 1 R Nancy Jester
Race District Party Incumbent Name
State Senate 3 R X William Ligon
State Senate 9 R PK Martin
State Senate 13 R Greg Kirk
State Senate 14 R X Bruce Thompson
State Senate 16 R Marty Harbin
State Senate 19 R X Tommie Williams
State Senate 20 R X Ross Tolleson
State Senate 24 R X Bill Jackson
State Senate 25 R X Burt Jones
State Senate 28 R X Mike Crane
State Senate 29 R X Josh McKoon
State Senate 30 R X Mike Dugan
State Senate 31 R X Bill Heath
State Senate 32 R X Judson Hill
State Senate 48 R X David Shafer
State Senate 49 R X Butch Miller
State Senate 50 R X John Wilkinson
State Senate 51 R X Steve Gooch
State Senate 52 R X Chuck Hufstetler
State Senate 53 R X Jeff Mullis
State Senate 56 R X John Albers
Race District Party Incumbent Name
State House 1 R X John Daffenbaugh
State House 2 R X Steve Tarvin
State House 9 R X Kevin Tanner
State House 10 R X Terry Rogers
State House 12 R X Eddie Lumsden
State House 15 R X Paul Battle
State House 16 R X Trey Kelley
State House 18 R X Kevin Cooke
State House 20 R X Michael Caldwell
State House 22 R Wes Cantrell
State House 24 R X Mark Hamilton
State House 25 R X Mike Dudgen
State House 26 R X Geoff Duncan
State House 27 R X Lee Hawkins
State House 28 R X Dan Gasaway
State House 30 R X Emory Dunahoo, Jr.
State House 35 R X Ed Setzler
State House 37 R X Sam Teasley
State House 40 R X Rich Golick
State House 46 R X John Carson
State House 67 R X Micah Gravely
State House 68 R X Dustin Hightower
State House 71 R X David Stover
State House 73 R X John Yates
State House 95 R X Tom Rice
State House 97 R X Brooks Coleman
State House 98 R Michael Brown
State House 101 R X Valerie Clark
State House 102 R X Buzz Brockway
State House 103 R X Timothy Barr
State House 104 R X Chuck Efstration
State House 105 R X Joyce Chandler
State House 106 R X Brent Harrell
State House 110 R X Andrew Welch
State House 114 R X Tom Kirby
State House 115 R X Bruce Williamson
State House 116 R X Terry England
State House 129 R X Susan Holmes
State House 132 R X Gene King
State House 147 R X Willie Talton
State House 156 R X Greg Morris
State House 157 R Bill Werkheiser
State House 166 R Jesse Petrea
State House 167 R Jeff Jones
State House 173 R X Darlene Taylor
State House 178 R X Chad Nimmer
State House 179 R X Alex Atwood
State House 180 R X Jason Spencer
Race District Party Incumbent Name Election Date
DeKalb Co. Commissioner 1 R Nancy Jester Dec. 2, 2014