The Following Candidates have been endorsed by Georgia Right to Life PAC for the February 5th general elections as of 9/25/12. Be sure to share this list with your friends.


PSC 3 R I Chuck Eaton
PSC 5 R I Stan Wise
Race District Party Inc Name
US House 3 R I Lynn Westmoreland
US House 7 R I Rob Woodall
US House 9 R Doug Collins
US House 10 R I Paul C. Broun
US House 11 R I Phil Gingrey
US House 14 R I Tom Graves
Race District Party Inc Name
Senate 1 R I Buddy Carter
Senate 3 R I William Ligon
Senate 4 R I Jack Hill
Senate 7 R Tyler Harper
Senate 9 R I Don Balfour
Senate 11 R Mike Keown
Senate 14 R I Barry Loudermilk
Senate 17 R I Rick Jeffares
Senate 19 R I Tommie Williams
Senate 21 R Brandon Beach
Senate 25 R Burt Jones
Senate 27 R I Jack Murphy
Senate 28 R I Mike Crane
Senate 30 R Mike Dugan
Senate 31 R I Bill Heath
Senate 32 R I Judson Hill
Senate 37 R I Lindsey Tippins
Senate 45 R I Renee Unterman
Senate 48 R I David Shafer
Senate 49 R I Butch Miller
Senate 51 R I Steve Gooch
Senate 52 R Chuck Hufstetler
Senate 53 R I Jeff Mullis
Senate 54 R I Charlie Bethel
Senate 56 R I John Albers
Race District Party Inc Name
GA House 1 R John Deffenbaugh
GA House 2 R I Jay Neal
GA House 3 R I Tom Weldon
GA House 9 R Kevin Tanner
GA House 10 R I Terry Rogers
GA House 12 R Eddie Lumsden
GA House 13 R I Katie Dempsey
GA House 14 R I Christian Coomer
GA House 15 R I Paul Battles
GA House 18 R I Kevin Cooke
GA House 20 R Michael Caldwell
GA House 21 R Brian Laurens
GA House 21 R Scot Turner
GA House 23 R Mandi Ballinger
GA House 24 R I Mark Hamilton
GA House 25 R I Mike Dudgeon
GA House 26 R Geoff Duncan
GA House 27 R Lee Hawkins
GA House 28 R Dan Gasaway
GA House 30 R I Emory Dunahoo, Jr.
GA House 35 R I Ed Setzler
GA House 37 R I Sam Teasley
GA House 40 R I Rich Golick
GA House 45 R I Matt Dollar
GA House 46 R I John Carson
GA House 67 R Micah Gravley
GA House 68 R I Dustin Hightower
GA House 71 R David Stover
GA House 73 R I John Yates
GA House 95 R I Tom Rice
GA House 98 R I Josh Clark
GA House 101 R I Valerie Clark
GA House 103 R Timothy Barr
GA House 105 R Joyce Chandler
GA House 106 R I Brett Harrell
GA House 109 R Dale Rutledge
GA House 110 R I Andy Welch
GA House 114 R I Tom Kirby
GA House 116 R I Terry England
GA House 121 R Barry Fleming
GA House 129 R I Susan Holmes
GA House 131 R Johnnie Caldwell
GA House 167 R Jeff    Chapman
GA House 173 R I Darlene Taylor
GA House 179 R I Alex Atwood
GA House 180 R I Jason Spencer
Cherokee County
County Commission, Post 3 Brian Poole
Cobb County
State Court Judge Marsha Lake
Colquitt County
Solicitor State Court Keith Allen
Franklin County
Chief Magistrate Cody Grizzle
Gwinnett County
Superior Court Judge Kathy Schrader
Board of Commission, Dist 1 Jace Brooks
Paulding County
Chief Magistrate Martin Valbuena